Zoe Siegel


Zoe recently joined RockIT to get in on the start-up fun. Zoe moved to San Francisco in 2014 to open a new branch for a Boston-based recruiting firm. With no clients and no contacts, Zoe and her team found a way to put people to work. In 3 short years, she and her team placed over 100 candidates into jobs with various organizations. She led the team to produce over $2M in sales in 2017 for her former company.

Zoe is insatiably curious, and thus found herself wanting to work with the hottest and most innovative companies in the Bay. She joined RockIT to dive deeper into engineering recruiting, learn about the sexiest technologies, and expand her network.

When she is not working, you can find Zoe slamming barbells or walking on her hands. She spends all her free time doing all of the CrossFitting. When you meet her, please ask her about this as she loves telling people all about it!

Zoe is extremely competitive and will work hard to ensure that our clients prefer to work with RockIT and that no one is out-hustling her and the team to hire the best.

Meet Zoe!





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