Will Teng


Will was born in sunny Southern California and is currently a brand new resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. Will, however, is definitely no stranger to relocation as he split the early years of his life between Taipei, Taiwan, and the San Fernando Valley region before ultimately spending his high school and college years in the beautiful beach cities of Orange County.


Will attended UC Irvine where he graduated with a degree in Cognitive Psychology, but perhaps more importantly, UCI is where he learned how to do a proper anteater "ZOT"! During his time at Irvine, Will was led towards pursuing a career in recruiting. After a short stint as a professional life sciences recruiter, he realized that the start-up tech scene is where his heart truly lies. Harnessing all the power of the "ZOT", Will landed a job with RockIT Recruiting and launched himself straight into SF orbit. As a Talent Detective at RockIT, he will scour all nooks and crannies in search of the best engineers to be placed in the most exciting technical roles.


Outside of work, Will enjoys exploring the constantly busy city of San Francisco that he now calls home. When he is not out and about trying new foods or beers, you will find him either playing or watching basketball. He is an avid member of LakersNation and can spend hours talking about anything and everything Lakers/Kobe related. If there is one defining quality that Will has, it is that he forever bleeds purple and gold..


So, doesn't Will seem like an interesting fella that you would love to have lunch or coffee with? If so, let's set up a time!





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