Raymond Zhu


Raymond is from San Francisco, CA and loves collaborating with bright people to create something awesome. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a business degree, Ray worked at a Wall Street brokerage, a healthcare non-profit, and a venture-backed Series B start-up. Most recently, Ray was on the finance team at Dropbox as their infrastructure analyst overseeing global data centers and supply chain TechOps.


While working in these different industries and companies, Ray learned one important thing about building a great business that they do not teach you in school. That great people was what made the companies great in the first place. So after five years in accounting & finance, Ray was done with monthly reconciliations and annual audits, and wanted ‚Äúwork‚ÄĚ to have a greater and fulfilling impact by helping talented people find jobs that take it next level. With that desire and a new mission, Ray set new coordinates and launched into a career in tech recruiting where he now connects great people to make a great vision into reality.


When Ray is chillaxing and not working, he enjoys meeting new friends for drinks, hitting the gym and swim, or researching the next AAPL to invest in.


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