Michael Lipschutz


9 years ago Michael left his Philly accent and (beloved) cheesesteaks for the foggy summers and temperate winters of San Francisco. After figuring out that the legal world was not much like Law & Order, Michael jumped into recruiting.


Dashing the bizarre and compliance-filled world of healthcare recruiting, Michael took his talents to the Tech industry where he met Cody (co-founder of RockIT). Michael focused on ERP and CRM cloud-based technology for almost 2 years before seeing the light and joining the RockIT Recruiting crew to help Sequoia, Greylock, A16Z, First Round and many other VCs portfolio companies scale.


Now Michael is at RockIT and if you have honestly read this far down, you might as well set up a time for us to chat here (michaelrockit.youcanbook.me).





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