Eric Amemiya


Eric grew up as a San Jose native, reveling in the suburbia of Silicon Valley and the most constant, perfect weather anyone could ask for. He then shipped off to the land of cows and pursued a degree in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning as an undergraduate at UC Davis.


While completing a minor in Technology Management during his last year, Eric became fascinated with the possibilities that existed in the fusion of business and tech, and he knew he needed to change gears and dive into this ever-growing field. After spending a year starting his career as a manager at Target, Eric discovered RockIT and Technical Recruiting, and gravitated so much towards both that he packed up his car, launched into San Francisco, and has not looked back since.


When he is not soaking up everything recruiting that he can, you can catch Eric taiko drumming, cooking new recipes, shooting photos on the skyline, or trying new restaurants and music festivals with his friends.


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