Elena Stefanopol


Elena comes all the way from Romania, and after stops in Krakow and London, she kept moving west until she reached San Francisco.


She has a diverse recruiting background in gaming, non-profit, software testing and AI both as a recruiter and a recruiting manager.


In San Francisco, she built the core team of an AI company which made her realize that was exactly what she wanted to do. That is when she found RockIT - the right opportunity at the right time - she now helps all sorts of startups build up their teams.


Outside of work, Elena goes to a lot of concerts, explores California, and is actively avoiding Karl the Fog. She changes her hair color often and loves glasses. She also goes to the beach with her cat Reggie and gets all of the confused looks. Sometimes painting, sometimes trying to learn how to play the uke, she is always trying out new stuff. She still has her London habit of meeting friends at the pub for a pint on Fridays, so if you are up for it...


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