Eamon Alvarez


Eamon started his tech career in the video game industry at Ubisoft. He worked with such top selling titles as Assassin's Creed and Just Dance, as well as his personal favorites, Imagine: Party Babyz & Petz: Crazy Monkeyz. The experience made him realize how much fun the technology industry could be and saw recruiting as the perfect vehicle to bring more people to the party!


In 2014 with his recruitment efforts, he helped his first startup scale and realized the importance of working with the right people and a great company. This led to an introduction to RockIt Recruiting who had already established themselves with a reputation for recruiting the best tech talent to the Bay Area's hottest companies.


Outside of work, Eamon likes to explore everything the Bay Area has to offer. From a lazy day at Stinson Beach to the crazy crowds of a Warriors game he realizes that there's always something great and amazing to do.


Give Eamon a shout:


(415) 939-7507



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