Darren Liu


A Bay Area native born and raised, Darren grew up in the SF Portola District and was excited to see technology shape the City culture and landscape. After venturing to LA and NY for school, Darren missed the exciting and scrappy nature of the SF startup scene, and made the (solo!) cross-country drive back to his beloved homeland. After a few brief stints and more meetups than one could imagine, Darren was introduced to RockIT, where he joined as an intern to test the recruiting waters (asteroid belt?) and up his technical chops. After passing basic training, Darren joined the crew as a full-fledged astronaut. Today he is thankful to be working with top Bay Area startups, and looks forward to helping engineers board rockITships of their own.



Travel (cities visited in 2016: Tokyo, Sendai, London, Paris, Rome, Bologna, Florence, Venice, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Kraków)

Sports (Golden State Warriors - duh! Giants - why not? 49ers - when they are good)

Music (Piano - Better than proficient Guitar - limited working knowledge, conversational)

Gilroy Garlic Fries In-N-Out (never Shake Shack)

BOGO coupons


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