Christina Tamm


Christina's a Navy brat who was born in Virginia, and raised in Washington spending every school break and summer in Davis, CA. Her mom would bring her to San Francisco one weekend a year to be a tourist and she fell in love! From the age of 6 it became a dream of hers to move to San Francisco for a minimum of a year.


In 2011 she was accepted to San Francisco State University and her dream of living in San Francisco became a reality. She graduated in 2014 with both a Communication and Political Science Degree and decided to stay in San Francisco for good. Christina started her career as a Technical Recruiter straight out of college and enjoys the ability to meet and talk with new people everyday. "Finding people a new job is like getting the corner piece of a birthday cake, it's the best!"


When Christina is not searching for talent you can find her writing her blog Dream'n in San Francisco, working on art projects, event production, and social media promotion or at a music festival and Burning Man. She's also a huge bay area sports fan!


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