Cassi Bell


Cassi grew up in the Valley of L.A where horses, cows, and goats where more familiar than skyscrapers and the famous low hanging smog. Shortly thereafter she moved up to the Northern California which is now where she considers home.

Cassi started her career in Human Resources back in May of 2012 and has not ever thought about changing fields. She transitioned into the tech space in early 2014 where she officially became a San Francisco resident. Joining the Rockit team for her, felt like coming home to a place she never knew she was missing.

On the weekends Cassi, is usually exploring new parts of the city in hopes to finding a different perspective of the skyline to shoot pictures of. If she is not out shooting, she would most likely be with her friends trying new restaurants, or down in L.A visiting her family.

If you would like to chat you can reach Cassi at:




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