Aaron Ho


Aaron spent his early days in Southern California, and he arrived in the Bay Area to start UC Berkeley. Although he got his degree in Bioengineering, Aaron quickly realized that he was not a fan of lab work and research. Instead of doing lab work like most of his peers, Aaron spent his college summers selling educational books door-to-door and getting rejected a lot!


After college, Aaron was introduced to recruiting by a friend who was at Riviera Partners. There, Aaron explored the art of recruiting, from crafting the perfect email to crawling obscure forum posts to find the perfect person for the job. During those 5 years of helping software engineers and engineering executives find jobs, Aaron discovered his true passion - training and mentorship.


Now Aaron is part of team RockIT, where he is combining his love for training with his recruiting background to create a technical recruiting bootcamp. Keep your eye out for it!


Outside of work, Aaron loves traveling the world, going on outdoor adventures, juggling (fire included), playing sports, reading books, and having meaningful conversations with people.


Message Aaron:


He is always interested in meeting for tea and having interesting conversations!



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