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Why I, STILL, Work at RockIT Recruiting

by Matthew Walker | Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Because RockIT Recruiting is growing, and we are looking to hire Mid-Senior Recruiters that have any experience with recruiting, or sales, I decided to write my first blog post.


Four years ago, I was a top performer in a boutique-recruiting agency in Philadelphia, PA. I was finishing up my resume and starting interviews that would change my life forever. I was “stepping up to the big leagues” and making the move to Silicon Valley.


In this process, I joined RockIT Recruiting in Jan of 2013, and was part of a team of 4 employees at the time. In my head, I was going to get experience, and in 6 months to 1 year I’d be ready to move internal with a top startup, or a behemoth like Facebook or Google.


Why then, am I writing this post as a Lead Recruiter, at RockIT Recruiting, 4 years later?


Many reasons, in fact. Let me lay some out for you.


Influence: In my time here, I’ve helped startups of all shapes and sizes revamp and rework their hiring processes. I’ve gotten a crash course in running startups, while working with 100’s of elite teams over the years. I’ve had the chance to interact and network with top partners at exclusive VC’s in the Valley, and have been able to relay experiences that we are witnessing in the Startup World back to experts in the field. I’ve learned that my opinion and expertise has grown exponentially in the last few years, and feeling like a true Talent expert is a great feeling.


Experience: I’ve had the chance to help introduce engineers to self-driving car companies, drone companies, data analytics companies that are now unicorns, top e-commerce companies, and even startups that were 10-15 engineers and have now been acquired for huge deals or are moving towards an IPO.


These experiences change daily, I work with CTO’s, Directors, Founders, VC Partners, and Heads of Recruiting every day, and am able to learn about new processes and new technical roles all the time. For someone who got into technical recruiting because they love technology, this is a dream come true.


Straight Cash: Since the beginning of 2015, I’ve helped to intro 33 new Engineers, CTO’s, Directors, and Product Managers to startups ranging from 2 people to over 300. In this time, 0 of the salaries of the people I’m helping get hired were higher than what I will earn in 2016. It’s shocking to me, that 6.5 years into my recruiting career, I’m earning the salary of a CTO for a series B startup, but it’s true. And if I want to earn more, I have no cap. I can work harder or I can choose to take time to learn and go to different conferences. The work I put in builds not only my network, but my pockets and my retirement funds.


Flexibility: In my day to day job, I’m sometimes in Palo Alto, sometimes working from home in the East Bay, and sometimes working in San Francisco. I’ve gone to top conferences like DefCon in Vegas, The Web Summit in Dublin, Collision in New Orleans, and Talent 42 in Seattle. If you are accomplishing your goals at RockIT, you have the flexibility to spend some time working from ANYWHERE, which I’ve used to work from San Diego, Mexico City, Barcelona, and even back home in New Jersey for periods of time.


Team: I have many friends that work internally in the job I used to glamourize. I have worked with many internal recruiters at many different startups. What I’ve learned is that while there are many great options, and lots of companies with close teams of recruiters, there are also many that put you on an island, working towards hiring while the engineers and marketing teams see you as an outsider. At RockIT, I have worked with the best people I’ve ever been around, and that’s not hyperbole. From our most junior person up to my founders, the team here is made up of my friends and people I respect. All of us are in the same boat, and RockIT’s unique approach to teamwork and commission structure keeps us all on the same team. This makes those bad weeks more palatable, and the wins more exciting. ·


Future: RockIT has grown from the 4 employees I started with to over 20 now. We have so much incoming interest from startups that we’re over flooded with companies asking for our help. We’re doing new things and striking new partnerships every day. I, personally, have been able to change my focus 3 times, keeping me interested in my work, and keeping the challenges coming.


If you like having the chance to learn more than you can ever imagine about tech startups, and want to work in an environment where you have the flexibility to do things your way, the chance to earn huge amounts of money, and the opportunities to move your career forward, message me directly at


We’re hiring, make the decision I did 4 years ago and come change your career.