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Automate everything.

by Albert Liao | Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Here in the Silicon Valley those two words have popularized itself to clever T-shirt slogans to the mission statements of hundreds of startups that are looking to save x time and x money.


A quick search for “Deep Learning” on Angelist yields over 80+ results for startups out here in the Valley that spans across every industry from Finance to Life Insurance to Sports.



On Linkedin, a broad Boolean string for all Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, OR Artificial Intelligence gives us almost 40,000 folks who in some capacity are involved in those technologies.


In other words? There’s an obvious trend here that is starting to have a direct impact on what we experience in our daily lives.


My daily life as a Technical Recruiter here at RockIT just happens to fall on these crossroads.


When Taleo was acquired by Oracle for $1.9 billion it was a clear signal that technology was beginning to zero in on the multi-billion dollar recruiting industry. Since then, we’ve seen marketplaces, (Hired/SpareHire), HR SaaS companies (Zenefits/Gusto) and most fascinating of all, machine intelligent startups (Arya /Wade&Wendy) that are looking to automate a major component of what we do:




Here’s a bold prediction for you:


By 2020, machines will be able to accurately identify (using Linkedin, job boards, other social links), and engage (personalized emails, tweeting, etc) candidates to a point where 90% of the sourcing we do is automated. The last 10% being the humans controlling those robots.


So what does this mean for us recruiters?


Point #1:


A semi-typical funnel out here in the Valley for finding and getting an offer out to a candidate might look something like this:


100 emails -> 20% response rate -> 60% not interested -> out of those 8 candidates, 6 receives phone interviews -> 3 comes onsite -> 1 gets an offer


If the machines do find a way to accurately and efficiently send over candidates to us, the top of the funnel is re-adjusted and we’re left what I truly think are the funnest parts of recruiting.


Relationship building. Closing. Salary Negotiations. Celebrations. Making a difference.


That means less time sending passive aggressive reminder emails, less time scrolling through Linkedin, and less time figuring which template I should A/B test today to get the best email responses.


Recruiting, simplified. So easy anyone can do it right?




Point #2.


Robots have not been able to replicate the crucial, yet complex emotional qualities that enable us to be successful at what we do:


Things like empathy, discernment, and fostering trust.


In the same way with any serious relationship, complex emotional topics like marriage, finances, and career aspirations naturally come up. Topics that require attentive listening, considerate understanding, and the boldness to be honest and straightforward.
Which of course…is no easy task to successful do.


When sourcing becomes automated the need for building great and genuine relationships will raise the bar for what makes a great recruiter vs a good one.


And like the relationship analogy, it takes work! It takes emotional investment and time for a complete stranger to confide sensitive items like their salaries, inner motivations, and concerns to you.


Robots will never have the human connection that we get when we meet a candidate for coffee.


Robots won’t have the ability to dig deeper on subtle cues that candidates might display after an amazing onsite.


Robots can’t relate and persuade candidates that they are potentially making a mistake.


In short?


To prepare for the future, start now.


Be mindful of how you conduct your conversations and interactions.


Are you being genuine?


Do you really care?


Are you being human?