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RECAP: Technical Training with Tommy Chheng

by Cody Voellinger | Friday, April 22nd, 2016

On Wednesday April 6, RockIT hosted Tommy Chheng, legendary author of The Non-Technical Guide to Web Technologies, which has become a must-read for technical recruiters.


The book gives a great overview of explaining what all of these technology keywords mean in real life. At our RockIT training, Tommy dove deeper into: common job titles and what those engineers do at tech companies, how the technologies fit together, and how engineering organizations change as a company grows. We were excited to learn about a new resource, stackshare, that will help us find experts in specific technologies.


We also took advantage of asking Tommy questions that rack our brains daily: What would make you reply to a recruiting email? What time are you most likely to check your email? What can we do as recruiters to win your trust to work together and find a great job?


Check out a preview of the training here!


The RockIT team is always looking to learn from the experts we work with every day, so if you have a topic (technology, startups, recruiting, hiring) that you would like to train us up on, we are all ears!