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A Recruiter Is Like A Physician (Without The Blood!)

by Arthur Chen | Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Some might question my headline comparison, some might be offended, but let me try to explain the thought process.

When I was a little kid, I always wanted to be a doctor, a pediatrician to be exact. Why? Because helping others was preached upon, and, most importantly, I enjoyed lending a helping hand. Although that roadmap did take a different course, the mission and belief remained the same.

Being a Technical Recruiter, in one of the most competitive and cut throat markets, definitely has its rewards and challenges similar to a Physician.

Here are 2 Main Comparisons:

The Responsibilities:


  • Meet new patients on a daily basis. They are require to build rapport and trust among each person they interact with. No discrimination, no playing favorites.
  • Ask questions about patients’ experiences to see what the problem might be.
  • Come up with solutions to advise and guide patients to a cure or speedy recovery.

Technical Recruiters

  • Call and meet new engineers everyday. Interact with each engineer to see what they’re currently doing, and what they might be looking for.
  • Present different and right opportunities for engineers to consider and provide the best chance in being hired.

Like a Physician, Technical Recruiters are always on-call 24/7. I check my emails before and after I sleep because there is a sense of urgency on whether a candidate may suddenly be job hunting. Both Physicians and Recruiters’ responsibilities should always be understanding our patients/engineers, and providing guidance to a better future!

The Rewards:


  • The no-brainer one—You’re saving lives!
  • A sense of self-satisfaction in helping others unconditionally.
  • The random positive feedbacks “Thanks for saving my life!”, “I feel so much better now, doctor.” “Thank you for doing everything that you can.”

Technical Recruiters

  • You’re creating a HUGE impact in someones’ life (A career change is a big life decision)!
  • A sense of fulfillment when an engineer gets hired at a place they want to work at.
  • Building long lasting relationships, where engineers would recommend you to their friends, family, and former colleagues for help.

Both end goals for Physicians and Technical Recruiters: You get to help someone be better and/or happier(hopefully). 

TL:DR - Physicians are similar to Technical Recruiters in a way because they both open their arms to strangers, and try their best to help them be happier. Although, some may have bad experiences, I would like to think that majority of Technical Recruiters are here to guide everyone to a better future.

Please note: This was not written to offend anyone, but provide my perspective of being a Technical Recruiter who enjoys seeing engineers grow and be happy in their environment. 

P.S. This was my first blog, would love to hear the perspectives of others!