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People Make Cars Drive Autonomously

by Cody Voellinger | Friday, March 18th, 2016

Less than 2 years ago, in May 2014, we visited Kyle Vogt in a small garage in SOMA to talk about his newest startup - Cruise Automation. News broke today that GM is acquiring Cruise for over $1B. Congrats to the amazing Cruise team!

During that first garage visit, Kyle had assembled the core team of 4 from his own network at MIT and his previous companies (Twitch, We discussed how the small and nimble Cruise team was going to battle the likes of Google, Apple, Uber and whoever else decided to go after the blossoming Autonomous Vehicle market. Then we discussed the types of engineers they would need to hire to get there.

Jim Scheinman, founder of Maven Ventures and investor in Cruise's Seed round, introduced RockIT to Kyle. RockIT is the first Silicon Valley startup recruiting agency to build a team specializing in the recruiting of Hardware and Robotics engineers, and this was a chance for us to prove our expertise.

Over the course of the next 20 months, RockIT helped Cruise hire 5 of the roughly 15 engineers that would become their $1B team! These searches for: Computer Vision, Controls, Robotics, Radar Systems and DevOps engineers truly tested both our technical recruiting expertise and our network.

As the title indicates, these groundbreaking technologies are built by amazing people, and we at RockIT are thrilled to be a part of this ecosystem.

To those companies in the garages around the Bay Area looking to build their own $1B teams, we are here for you.

To those engineers looking to be an impactful member of a team building a revolutionary technology with a company that hasn't yet debuted on Tech Crunch or HackerNews, give RockIT a call.