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4 Things I Learned From The Best Technology Conference In The World

by Albert Liao | Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Ah...Web Summit 2015 - aka. the Oscars for veteran superstar entrepreneurs, hopeful and hungry (literally...) early stage startups, and all the futuristic oohs and aahs filled presentations one could ever dream of.

What a humbling week for a mere mortal like myself to be in the presence of such world-shaking speakers! Amidst my goggly-eyed, constant nerdgastic symptons , I did manage to jot down a few notes. 

In 600 words, a simple gander into what I learned and observed at Web Summit 2015.  

1. The On-Demand + Sharing Industry Is Here To Stay


As we continue to see the increasing technological revival of existing markets, the last generation of players are inching ever closer to an outcome to...

"Get on board or get out of the way" - Paul Holland, Foundation Capital

In talks revolving the future and unlimited potential of these industries, founders + industry leaders like Evan Stites-Clayton (Teespring) and Yoni Assia (eToro) talked about the rising levels of transparency, accessibility, and efficiency that will continue penetrating markets in every sector. 

These are exciting times for consumers as our daily lives will undoubtedly become more and more intertwined with hot new mobile apps, platforms, and marketplaces that will take just a few keystrokes (and Force Touches, Touching?) to solve our simple and sometimes, complex problems. 

2. Innovation...Is Everywhere


As a millennial I've had the unique opportunity to rapidly watch our world become potty trained in the ABCs of Technological Innovation. It seemed just like yesterday when Dial-Up internet (bee boo beep beep beep) and impenetrable Nokia phones were simply...fascinating. 

Now?I'm hearing entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to thousands about their Fitbit for Cow devices, how AI's are changing doctoral visits, and dreaming in awe of how Hyperloop is going to affect millions and millions of lives. 

(via Gizmag)

We're in an incredible time people! We're living in the intersection of confident investors, valuable lessons from failed startups of the past, and most importantly...a community of crazy entrepreneurs who truly believe they can make a positive dent in this world. 
Are you excited yet? 

3. You want to succeed? Dream BIG, then dream EVEN bigger. 


There's something just so...thrilling... about pitches that extends more than just what we see and hear externally. It's the internal journey of sleepless nights, unconventional risks, and exploding confidence that makes these 2min orations so special. 
But behind these pitches lie a common promise that investors, supporters, and these entrepreneurs themselves rely on:
Gigantic dreams leads to gigantic potential. 

Feeling nervous?  (via
We're talking about dreams to exit in millions or simply dreams to build quality products that are used and loved by millions all while maintaining that bootstrap status. 
Attached to those gigantic dreams are constant steps into uncomfortable situations and an unwavering belief in yourself. 


"Stepping out of my comfort zone is where true creativity lies." - Michael Lee, MyFitnessPal


...and on previous failed startup ideas:


"I didn't viscerally care that the world would have this product." - Jeff Lawson, Twilio


Are you stepping out of comfort zone? Are you dreaming big enough?Maybe it's time to step a little away from shore and to trust in your gut!  

4. Talent Remains A Top Priority 


Ah, you didn't think I'd finish out this post without a shoutout to the job I love right?!
Similar to what Maslow's Triange is for Human Motivation, the same goes for A Startups Recipe For Success. 
It all starts with a team - idea stays just an idea, millions of VC dollars become un-utilized (for cookies and motorized skateboards!) and ultimately, the world and it's problems are never solved. 
The war for talent rages on. 


"The company that will ultimately win is the one that has the best talent.”   - Michael Dell, Dell 


  • The On-Demand + Sharing Economy continues to take over
  • Innovation is sexy and it's here
  • Dream Big, Step Out, Trust Your Gut
  • Building a top team is crucially important for startups' (& really any companys') success

And with that, I bid you adieu with 6 words spilled over. 
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