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RECAP: Women in Tech Series

by Jane Buescher | Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Hiring right and building a diverse team is an important topic for all of our clients. At RockIT, we held a 3-part event series to support women in tech and to connect talented software engineers with some of the great companies we partner with. 


On October 10, RockIT held an interview training event, including an overview session led by Gayle McDowell and hands-on interview practice led by 6 amazing mentors.

More than 50 women attended this 4-hour session to perfect their interview skills.




Next, Gayle conducted an interview consultation for companies who were looking to improve their interview processes. Her talk was titled “Constructing the (Im)perfect Interview Process.” She boiled most software engineering interviews down into these 5 types:

  1. Problem-solving questions
  2. Onsite real-world tests
  3. Homework
  4. Prior Experience
  5. References

And she spoke in detail about the benefits but also the flaws of each one of these types of interviews. 

Gayle’s core beliefs about interviews included the notions that a) Interviews don’t have to mirror the real world; b) Good candidate experience matters – even for the candidates that don’t pass the interview; and c) You’ll never have a perfect interview process so do what you can to make it as un-broken as possible.

When it comes to assessing technical talent, Gayle stressed the need to understand what depth of technical knowledge does the candidate absolutely need to know on day one? And, given that, if you are interviewing for a certain skill or level of knowledge, it should either be difficult to acquire or a red flag to lack the skill.


Finally, on October 21, both groups came together for our Women in Tech Job Fair. Over 40 women attended and had the chance to meet 1-on-1 with 9 different tech startups. 

Many of these women are now going through interview processes with the companies they met!



Reach out to RockIT to learn more about our Women in Tech Series!