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Community Housing Partnership's Mock Interview Day

by Jane Buescher | Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

This week, RockIT got an opportunity to help Community Housing Partnership conduct a mock interview day for the employees of Solutions SF.  Solutions SF is the social enterprise arm of Community Housing Partnership, and is dedicated to providing transitional employment for 100+ employees each year.  Nearly all of the employees who participated in the mock interview day had previously experienced homelessness, and they have been able to return to the workforce as Solutions SF employees.  The mock interview day was a chance to prepare them for upcoming interviews that they have for more permanent positions.


After some preparation by the team at Community Housing Partnership, we met our first interviewees.  We were given a list of questions, similar to the ones that the candidates can expect to be asked in their interviews next week.  We spent about thirty minutes interviewing the candidates, and then talked through our feedback with them.  We were all struck by the poise and composure that these candidates showed.  It was evident that they had practiced their interviewing techniques, and were eager for constructive feedback.  Several of the candidates expressed that they were nervous, so we worked on ways that they could feel more confident in their interview answers.  Each candidate then got a chance to do a second mock interview, and put into practice some of the feedback they had just received.  In comparing the first interview to the second, we could already see improvements in body language and an increased level of confidence in answering the set of questions.


In the hyper-competitive tech startup environment that RockIT normally operates, it can be easy to forget that there are many people who need a helping hand to get back into the workforce.  Community Housing Partnership gave us a chance to use our professional recruiting skills to give back, and we wish the employees of Solutions SF the best of luck in their upcoming interviews!